Thursday, July 11, 2013

MAKOTA! Come on... It's an extremely funny word to say!

Limpo gone :( I have left all sense of security out the door.... but being realistic, we are a group of strangers that have entered underground ruins and have a very high possibility of encountering a very bad guy that OWNED us the last time... We should 1. be partially insane for being here and 2. not have a sense of security anywhere in this place.

The 1-eyed ginger dwarf lead us to the inside of a magnificent dwarven city: Makota!

It is big! very big... and seems to be.... rather empty! The streets, the marketplace, just everything seems to have a lack of civilian dwarves. Don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of dwarves, they are just all in arms and uniforms. Very few civil citizens.... and a lot of militia.....

In the city, the dwarf who was guiding us, led us to the palace. We were city guests and were welcome to rest or visit the city, they would provide us with food and anything else we may need. The wing of the palace we were led to was fully guarded and, if we choose to leave, we had to take each one guard with us. Why so much militia presence?

They have always have undead roaming the city, but now a mist has appeared.... A mist that spawned undead! The mist had arrived 3 weeks before we did....

Well, we still decided to explore the city... A lot of dwarves were really interested and surprised with us! We were sent from above, literally! and no one has been seem from above in... millenniums, literally! (3000 years to be exact)

There was an armory and a weaponry, but nothing else for us to go visit..... Oh except the mines! Yellow Dust Mines.... We went and what we saw we couldn't believe: they were throwing gold to the lava, because they had so much of it and no use for it, they had to get rid of the yellow dust somehow! Evil characters to the rescue and the cunning tiefling uses his bluff to let them give us what we can carry in gold... and who can resist the bluff and diplomacy of Aleric? No one. So of course they give everyone a big 20 pound bucket of gold, except Fluffy. She didn't want it, she saw no gain in a bucket full of rocks and a little bit of gold that was going to slow her down.

Greed is a powerful thing... The possibilities gold holds in your hand and the things you see in your future with even more riches.... are a really dangerous thing. Greed can hold your character prisoner... and even though I'm a big spender (show me a shiny new armor that gives me 27 AC at level 4 and I'll buy it! no matter what) I wont be crushed if I have nothing at all... I started that way and wont let it bother me.

So..... The next day we got to see the king. King Ysgro is his name. He told us the purpose of this city, 3000 years ago, when the undead arose in the island, they had found the source of the undead invasion, but not before getting lost and concealed away by all of the undead. They found the Iosponto, but lost any communication with other cities and couldn't find their way back, the tunnels move after all. They thought the surface was covered with undead and that no one had survived, even less, that they repopulated the island. They don't know anything about Cleo and the undead have never stopped spawning, they just have been battling them all this time. Now they are planning an expedition to seal away the portal, Iosponto, to bring peace and tranquility to the land (well the underground .... land?).

We decided to help them! We are going to stop ALL undead invasions, be them underground or at sea-level or even at the spiritual level! THIS ENDS NOW..... followed by a lot of grunting and ugly faces!!! Really intimidating right?

Oh, but they have an early expedition. We can decide to join them or go directly to rest.... So we decided to join them! Get a little bit of XP before going to bed :P..... Aleric didn't wanted to go, but since Alkatross wanted to and the rest of the group wanted to, he tagged along...

After the killing of what should already be dead happened, a hooded figured appeared. She laughed at us.... and in her possession she had all of our gold... ALL OF IT! We were robbed blindly and we were not happy about it, but she was fast... Aleric tried to stop her, I tried to stop her, Aldor (Hodor) tried to stop her, Alkatross tried to stop her, Alkatross using a wand that summons undead... summoned a small dragon which she controlled with a talisman and got away.... and then the dark rouge who was a cleric threw explosives, which she stopped by taking away the bone tail and throwing it at the explosive shurikens... So yeah she got away...... also by yelling 'Silvatos sends his regards'.... because we aren't mad enough as it is....

Yes... A shifter.... A humanoid creature with feline-type features, 
this is Isis... Well it's not HER but this is how someone from her race looks like!

Here all of us are, really upset that, yet again, we were pretty useless against something that was related to the name Silvatos....

So we go to our wing in the palace, we rest for the night... and wake up to find the dwarves already in formation. We get up with the general, that one-eyed, ginger dwarf, whose name is Orgram, and get up on it... (Of course, we get up on the task, we don't get up on the general...) We encounter some bugs.... kick them in their butts.... but somehow get separated from the formation. We can hear Orgram yelling us... telling us to go east, if we continue the tunnel we should get east and meet with them.

We are in peace... ok? We are peaceful beings! We are just walking!!!!.... well walking to destroy the Iosponto.... but walking peacefully!

Out of nowhere... black dwarves with dragons in chains come out of the ground.... looking at us with all of the intention of killing us....

And here this day ends.... Wow Omar really? I just know it... Dragons + Dwarves... attacking us?.... WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO YOU OMAR? WHy do you want to kill us? :P

Game Day: Tuesday 2, July 2013

Starting D&D from Scratch

What you should read?

What you should buy?

And Where to find 4th edition adventures? (Hmmm we are creating our own!)

Are questions we all start out with.... Then it's What really is Dungeons and Dragons?

It's an experience where you journey to another world and live the life and face the challenges of someone else. One person takes on the role of the Dungeon or Game Master and the other people get the much less cool name of Players. Simply put, It's the Dungeon Master's job to create a universe with enough detail and believability that the Player's truly feel that they are there. It's the players' job to live in the universe and make decisions that will affect what happens to them.

You can play with dice, character sheets, skill challenges, combat encounters, changing stats and powers, leveling up through experiences, completing quests (like most people do)... or maybe you don't need to roll dice.... or maybe you don't need a lot of combat encounters..... or maybe you don't need experience to level up.... YOU make the rules and the game

So your group needs to come together and talk about some things....

What your group answers can be of help to the DM!

Also... you can start off by choosing pre-generated characters!!! You already have the character sheet filled in! Just get together and play!

How did WE start?

Our DM downloaded a PDF of the Players Hand Book... shared it with all of us.... All of us read and decided which character we will be.... We made sure to have different types of classes  and races, because we want to experience some variety.... We looked for the thing to buy and bought dice, mat and markers.... The DM got familiar with the core books.... We got together and filled the character sheets.... We started playing 2 hours later xD

Now... You want to be a Dungeon Master and don't know where to start... Our DM will hopefully guide you through! See Omar's first attempt to blog :P

Frank, and the World Through the Eyes of a Wrathful Tiefling

Name: Aleric Odan Race: Tiefling Age: 24 Sex: Male Class: Scourge Warlock 

Appearance: Standing at little over six feet, Aleric towers over most Tieflings that live in the inner cities or with other species. His height is average for secluded Tieflings or merchants who travel frequently. He weighs about 160 pounds and has a small frame. He is not muscular or particularly strong. His skin is dark red and his eyes are fire red, the same color as the first Tieflings who walked on Nod. His horns are sharp, long and run from his forehead until above his ears and then run directly upward like that of a demon. His teeth are white and sharp which prove a source of fear for those who see him smiling. His hair is light purple. 

Bio: Aleric was born to the House of Odan that once ruled the majority of the continent of Nod. His parents could easily trace their lineage to the ruling human families of the varying cities of the Confederation of Free Cities. It was Ben of House Odan who came up with and executed The Night of Liberation that happened 2, 400 years ago. Known for its brutality, lust for power and gold, members of House Odan were among the first Tieflings to emerge in Nod after striking a deal with Liliath, the goddess of power and war.  

His mother, Veliria, was a great warlock that traveled around the continent as a mercenary. She taught Aleric the ways of magic and arcane, also taught him in the arts, sciences and humanities. Aleric, to his luck, was an only child and benefited greatly under this tutelage. His father, Amnon Odan, was an accomplished warrior in his day, who taught Aleric sword and one handed combat, and later became a capable administrator of the small, burgeoning, community of Tieflings, Aglaec, located in the secluded shadow of the mountain Shada in the southern region of Nod.

His first ten years of life were that of any child, learning, having fun, and playing. On his sixteenth birthday, he was taken on a tour, by his parents, of the prominent cities of Nod. He went to the merchant human city of Karth located in the coastal regions in the western edge of Nod, the beautiful elf forest paradise of Zal in the middle of the continent which separates Humans, Elves, and Dwarves; Gonroth, the capital of the Orc Republic, and the dwarven jeweled halls of the mountain Yelock in the mountain range of the continent on the far eastern side. While enjoying the vast diversity and variety of things he saw on this trip, one thing stood out for him: the condition of Tieflings who lived in these cities. He saw how downtrodden and oppressed they were, he saw the resentment that the other species had for Tieflings. It was at this moment that he decided to join The Black Hand, a secretive and minority group in Aglaec lead by a council of Tieflings. The purpose and intentions of the Black Hand remain unknown to those who aren't part of it, and many people throughout the continent deny the existence of the organization as a Tiefling lie. 

On his eighteenth birthday he became a grown Tiefling when he successfully passed the Ritual of Blood by sacrificing a Draconian, the Tiefling mortal enemy. He spent the following five years learning and mastering the dark arts and contributing to Aglaec. He left his home, once again, on his twenty-fourth birthday with a holy mission given to him by the Black Hand: to locate the Kyr, a book containing untold knowledge and power. He vowed to not come back until he fulfilled that mission and shortly after leaving his home he arrived in a new continent after finding the first clue to finding the Kyr.

Personality: Given his secluded upbringing, Aleric is a reserved and cautious Tiefling. He is intimidating and imposing, which can either be attributed by his species or appearance. Aleric is confident and self-reliant, something he learned throughout his life. He does not trust easily and does not form friendships easily. He is not honorable in the sense that he will do anything and everything possible to complete a goal regardless of others unless they are Tiefling. He loathes Draconians with a passion and dislikes Elves, Dwarves, and Humans. He is indifferent about the other species. He is proud of his heritage and his people. Aleric is cunning and intelligent. He prefers intellectual needs than physical ones. He is not bloodthirsty, but will not show mercy to others.

Alignment: Evil

Where will the Kyr lead him? Will he return empty handed to the Black Hand? Will he ever take anger management therapy? Is he ever going to find a lady friend with such a long list of 'Things I Hate'? What would happen if a wizard turned him into a Draconian? 

Yes, I know the format is... broken, but I will try and fix it in the next few days!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th day... First Dungeon!!! Al right!!!

Last time... Silvatos kicked our ass and disappeared...

But apparently, we did something useful! The mayor of the town came to thank us for defending the city and the temple... He congratulated us and gave us a reward.... He even wants us to have an estate and a title.... Even be the town heroes long term...

Things are looking u for us! A group of nobodies with no job and no place in this world... New opportunities... Oh yeah! Remember that thing about evil characters?.... Yeah.... Good times.... Good times.... We have one more! Yey! The cleric? The divine holly cleric? The shinning light of good? Yeah he's evil. When Silvatos attacked him, he sealed away his prayers and apparently that was the last straw. His faith, his gods and his beliefs... all gone. He even changed his name, because his name was marked by the gods... Oh yeah, it was a big deal loosing his prayers....

Which takes us to the start of the Triumvirato.....
So Aleric, the warlock tiefling, Alkatross, the human wizard, and him, they want to kill the mayor and overrun the island, divide the island in 3 equal parts, seize the vault and I think something about rule the world was mentioned... but now I'm not so sure... :P
They want to do all that...Thankfully they didn't... THIS IS EMOTIONALLY DRAINING! Hearing a plan that can potentially destroy the party, destroy the quest and just destroy the story as a whole! The DM and the other players coming up with reasons they CAN'T do it! Emotionally draining.....

So when the mayor asks us to check out a tunnel that appeared inside the temple, tunnel which appears to be the entrance of the infiltrators and also the escape route..... thankfully they agreed to go, walk 3 days in and walk 3 days out and pretend to look for Silvatos..... BUT STILL! that is something! they agreed to go.

We had 2 or 3 chances of 'character development'... The NPCs often asked us who we were, where did we came from, what was our life like or just asked us for stories... and this is where you notice half of us know who we are and half of us don't! xD but it was still fun.... It's our first run so, it's acceptable... Although for tomorrow all of us need to have a story written and certain character aspects decided: where did you came from, what motivates your character, why are you adventuring?

Now, two days walking in the narrow, only 1 person at a time, tunnel, we find a hallway... broad... fit the whole party at a time, underground hallway tunnel thingy. Left or right, we went left and found a night crawler... a tiny scared night crawler. He asked for our help in liberating his friends, goblins and a hooded man had trapped them. After much debate of killing him now, killing him later, denying his offer, taking his offer, demanding for loot... We decided to help him ^_^ yey! He said he could lead us through the tunnels, since the tunnels move (I imagine something like Harry Potter?) and so the party saw it to our advantage to have him. Also he saw the goblin carrying gold... Also an advantage. Limpo (the night crawler) looks very young and definitely has child-like qualities, even asked us for stories before going to bed! Awwww...!

Now the tunnels, definitely dwarven made, I should know, but also a lot of lurking creatures. Thanks to those lurking creatures (chockers... rats... bats...) we got to discover what a masterful killer Limpo really is (I bet that by now the evil characters are glad they didn't try to kill him).

Finally Limpo got us through and we stopped at the entrance, a dwarf statue in front of us, ice in one hand, fire in the other and three ways to go: through his right (bellow the hand of ice), though his left (bellow the hand of fire) and through the middle (bellow his.... pants)... We went through the hand of ice, because... in the first quest... to enter the temple, the answer to the puzzle was 'Be calm, winter's hand will lead the way' (or something like that -.- I don't have photographic memory you know?) and the DM did hinted that... Thank you Omar!

As we start going forward through a tunnel, but it looked really different from the tunnel we were cruising. Definitely unkept, walls uneven... Are you sure we went the right way? Turns out we found a precipice with lava :D yey! After the wizard crossing with magic (and holing in a rope) I stayed behind, hoping my athletic ability allow me to jump it xD... turns out I FAILED....... BUT landed in an invisible barrier that would serve as a bridge, if we had discovered it before!

So we arrive safetly at the entrance of an underground, definitely dwarven, structure. We seem to be in the 5th upper floor and down we see a yard? hall? oh and Silvatos, goblins, cobbolts, plus no sign of Limpo :( The gobblins were moving carts and carts of gold, but one who approached Silvatos handed him a gem, a gem he proceeded to put in a box that had 5 more gems, all identical to the one we had tried to stop him from getting 4 days ago! Which means, we should probably start making out a plan to stop him... or at least try to find out what his next move is. So, we get moving right?

Nah.... Theren (Oh wait... now the cleric has a new name... Atheor?) which sounds nothing like Atheist.... ok so the cleric who isn't a cleric anymore and Aleric, the warlock tiefling, both want to turn back! Oh so now your coward trait is showing, didn't know they had it in them. They don't want to be near Silvatos, they don't want to look at Silvatos, they don't want to know about Silvatos... They want to run back, get an army and let the army come.... Which they should know is imposible because: 1. if the town had an army, it would have defend it against the undead invasion 2. if we knew our ways through the tunnels, we wouldn't have needed Limpo and 3. If giant bats, giant rats and chockers were waiting on the other side, they probably didn't had a chance going off alone. So they decided to stay put until we came back from our investigating.

Just when we are going to enter the only door available to us, the floor turns red, a magic circle glows and we are all sucked into the room. A specter was waiting for us... no wait... 2 specters were waiting for us :D... That was one hard battle, but we survived it :D Survived it just in time for lava to come bursting out of nowhere and start filling the main hall... So we have to escape, we see 2 doors, one a storage room one a weapon vault.... The weapons vault being the most reasonable, because for their big weapons, they definitely need a way in and out, they just don't construct them there... But for some reason, while escaping, I choose the storage room xD... Greed was probably showing in my eyes! Oh but the two cowards choose the weapons vault! So we find gold and pearls and gems and chalices! and there is a bridge... so we should probably head on over there... of wait it breaks... and the wizard is the only one in the other side, yes Alkatross the human evil aligned wizard! For some reason, he helps us and holds on tight to the rope. We all fight to climb and at least stay hanging on... but the weight is heavy, the lava is rising.... LIMPO and his friends show up, grab the rope and pull us all up! He found his friends and rescued them! So we continue running, until the ground bellow is crumbles, everything shakes and we find ourselves even more down and even more lost, oh but we see Altheor and Aleric! hey how you doing? They went to the weapons vault and followed goblins, who were too busy escaping, so they didn't mind them. They got to a stone circle, who had some weird stones and carvings on the wall, that was lifting the goblins and them to the surface, but everything around them started shaking, the wall crumbling and the instability of the circle threw them off... So here they landed, with minimal damage! and now we are all scared, lava will be coming right? We are further down in the tunnels right? Should we start running?

Oh and did I tell you? apart from Aleric and Atheor... we also found goblins! Lots of them! Do we fight? Do we run? Do we turn back? Where is the lava coming from? Out of nowhere, dwarfs appear and start attacking (and defeating) the goblins... Poor goblins they were only trying to survive... Oh well!

A dwarf with only 1 eye and a big red beard... who appeared to be the leader... approached us and asked who we were... and did we come from above... He thought it was interesting we were from 'above' and told us (yes he told us, he didn't ask nicely or anything) to follow him. We... and our scared faces.... told him we shouldn't be strolling along, but running! HELLO LAVA! and he put a stone in the passage and blew up the whole tunnel! He, again, told us we HAD to follow him and we were to meet his king... but Limpo and his friends decided to go. Limpo gave us a twig... Awwwww! He said it was for us to call him when we needed his help!... So on we go to the dwarven city....

Oh and Omar.... since I have a badass AC now.... you HAD to make my own party hurt me? So all natural 1s are going to land real close to me right?.... I'm watching you Omar..... :P

Game Day: Wednesday 26, June 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eilleen and the Brief Story of a Stubborn Girl

Faraga's the name, Fargana Hammer........ but everyone calls me Fluffy. As a dwarf, your family gets to give you a name they see fit for you and as a dwarf, your whole clan is your family!!! So Elba Stronghand named me Fargana ........ and the rest of the clan calls me Fluffy... Apparently human babies have fluffy hair, compared to dwarven tougher hair... Oh yes, I am human! A human that got rescued by dwarfs as a baby.... and probably the only human that has ever lived with dwarfs... in like ever!

I have lived most of my life in an underground dwarven city, the Great City of Gora, home of the Canchanchan clan, but living there, the clan's leader didn't felt would bring my life everlasting purpose... After all, weeks before I had lost all of my possessions to a random cute guy I met and though I found love without even knowing what kind of axe he wielded.... Well you all know the axe we wield is the pride we carry.... Oh I have no axe now... he took that too....

I was sent of to live my short human life in full Canchanchan greatness! Go look for an adventure and find treasures, go look for injustice and right the wrongs and go look for a purpose that will glorify my clan and my deeds into the tall tales and night stories we all aim for.

So since I was 15 years old, I roam the world and train to become stronger, aiming to overcome what Moradin and Kord deem me worthy of handling and preparing myself for the turn of fate that will test what kind of hero will I be...


Character Sheet

Race: Human. Class: Fighter. Alginment: Lawful Good. Deities: Moradin and Kord. Organization: Canchanchan Clan. Age: 19. Height: 5'03. Weight: 119 pounds.
(Because my story apparently was too long.... I know! I KNOW! So I made it shorter!)

Personality Traits

 positive, outgoing, loyal, traditional, friendly, stubborn, hot headed, blinded by fury, indifferent towards love, likes to test strength, serious, grumpy and untrusting at first... once you're trusted, she'll never get tired of telling you stories from where she came from and all of her clan...

What these traits mean 'in-game'?

Loyalty is the trait she and a lot of dwarves value the most, specially loyalty in battle. If you fight along side her, you win her trust, even if you are but a stranger in her eyes. If you betray her in battle or don't stand by her side, I don't think she will ever be able to forgive you.
In most cases, when she picks a side she never backs down. She believes in her strength and in her perseverance, so in battles, skill challenges or social encounters, if it becomes a personal matter, she will do things her own way, if she understands it isn't important, she will follow along the group.
If her clan is involved in any way, she will never back down, may the situation arise from ignorance, from anger, from a true fact, from a friend or from a very obvious evil plot that involves setting her a trap.... If you insult her pride (her family, her clan... that is who has formed her, given her strength and given her a reason to live), be sure to face the consequences.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Class Information for Character Sheet: Warlock

First...... An Overview of your class (Player Handbook Pages 129-142)

Different Builds and Roles.... Get to know them!

Get to know the role you play as a warlock and the builds available for you.
Of course, the Player Handbook provides you with an overview of what a Warlock does and two build options, but as the Handbook says, it is only A GUIDE and it is not set on stone.

When you have the time LOOK for Handbooks or Build Optimization Guides
For example....
   A general guide as to what a Warlockshould be or a warlock handbook or a build optimizer guide
Remember, think ahead with your stats… What you want to accomplish, which paragon path will you choose, what stats are going to be more important to you… are things you decide at lvl 1.

Now, Let's start filling out the character sheet ;)

Key Abilities

You still don't get to fill the ability scores section, that is left to when your DM informs you of the method he or she prefers (as you know, there are three methods and everyone in the game has to use the same method).

This section tells you that, when your group gets together and calculate the ability scores,
if you are going to build a deceptive warlock, you need Charisma as your highest ability score and Intelligence as your second highest ability score and Constitution the third;
if you are going to build a scourge warlock, you need Constitution as your highest ability score and Intelligence a close second and third, Charisma.



Just for an example, let's suppose your DM thinks the standard array will work for you guys. (For more info see How to calculate your abilityscores! Method #3)

You chose: Cha 16; Int 14; Con 13, Dex 12, Str 11, Wis 10 (please note I am not telling you to use this arrangement since I have just invented it on the spot to make an example)

Using this example, THIS is how your sheet would look, taking in consideration a deceptive warlock needs Charisma as the highest, Intelligence as the second highest and Constitution as your third highest.... Again please don't use this example xD You will fill out these numbers on your own when you (with your DM) pick out the method for your group to calculate the ability scores and according to the powers and Paragon/Epic paths you think fit you... These numbers will stay with you as they are, so think long-time!


According to the PHB... A warlock can only train in 4 skills chosen from:
Arcana, Bluff, History, Insight, Intimidate, Religion, Streetwise, Thievery    

If you are trained in a skill, you gain a permanent +5 when you use a skill check.... So which skills are you going to train?

Deceptive Warlock
Arcana, Bluff, Insight, Thievery

Scourge Warlock
Arcana, History, Intimidate, Streetwise


Go ahead and write down a +5 in every skill your character is trained in! (TRND Block)

(Deceptive Warlock Suggested Skills)
To calculate the Bonus each Skill Check receives, you need to have calculated the Ability Scores... (You on

Lets get back to that horrible example from before of the Ability Scores.... This example shows Arcana, Bluff, Insight, Thievery trained and the corresponding ability modifiers from the previous used example (Cha 16=+3 Mod; Int 14=+2 Mod; Con 13=+1 Mod; Dex 12=+1 Mod; Str 11=+0 Mod; Wis 10=+0 Mod)


As a Warlock you gain a +1 bonus to Will and +1 bonus to Reflex defenses.

Hit Points

To calculate Hit Points (hp or the number of how many hits can you take until you pass out or die) you need to have calculated your Ability Scores (that which you calculate with the DM)

Your Hit Points: Warlocks need to sum the Constitution Total Score + 12
Your Healing Surges per Day: sum the Constitution Modifier +6

So continuing with the previous example.... CON Score is 13 (13+12 = 25) and CON Mod. is +1 (1+6 = 7)

Class Features

 All the extra things your class has to offer :D!                             

You have an automatic armor proficiency with cloth and leather (See Proficiency Bonus on PHB page 214) You should write this on the back of your paper, to remember it for later.

You have an automatic proficiency on simple melee, simple ranged. (See Proficiency Bonus on PHB page 218)You should write this on the back of your paper, to remember for later.

You gain enhancement bonus when you use a magic rod, wand or pact blade.

You gain Prime Shot, Shadow Walk and Warlock’s Curse as class features. They basically act as passive powers or minor actions.

You get to choose a pact: fey pact, infernal pact, or star pact.

The pact you choose determines the At-Will powers you can use and other bonuses you gain from each pact.


At lvl. 1 you can only learn and use a handful of powers, but you get to choose them from the options provided in the PHB pages 131 & 133

At-Will Powers- You gain Eldrich Blast and the power from your pact. You can use them without any limitations.

Encounter Powers- You can choose 1 Encounter Power from any pact and use it once per encounter.

Daily Powers- You can choose 1 daily power from any pact and you can use it only once per day.

You are free to choose the powers you like from the lvl. 1 options your class brings you... Keep in mind how to gain the maximum bonuses and advantages your powers have when choosing your highest and lowest Ability Scores!!!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Starting Out... what should you buy?

Apart from reading the books and rules....

What is it that you really need to start?

We'll show you what we have bought! and you just take a look to see if it's really necessary or if you can deal on your own without it!

You need to build maps,

 so that your characters go in and explore dungeons and other adventures and this is were MATS come in... Many use Vinyl Maps, others laminate paper, others just use graph paper.... the point is to draw and erase, so that it can be used for a lot of adventures! Many even print the maps form the internet... Others, like us, find a more creative, low-budget, low-effort way.... LEGOS! We threw lies in a big piece of paper(because I really didn't measure anything, it isn't called drawing, it's called throwing) and made the squares for the battle mat and just build the walls, doors and other stuff with Lego... just a rough outline, not literally doing furniture!, but for the time being it worked! If we had come up with this before ordering our vinyl mat!!! and our wet-erase markers!!!

But look at our LEGO art... Look how beautiful!!!! Why did we order a mat and markers -.-?

You need a way to represent your characters and monsters,

thing that we had covered with the tokens provided by the Red Box, but, again, only works well with the red box... A lot of people buy or make their own miniatures! Also, a lot make their own tokens. People can even use figurines from other games, like we do! Munchkin has 6 miniature axe carrying, viking hat wearing, chainsaw holding dude..... and that's pretty intimidating right?
For monsters? we use the tokens in the Red Bok, but we will probably end up doing new tokens. Wish us luck ;) If not... can I make Lego monsters? or can the Clue figurines be monsters?.... Hmmmmm what else do I have.....


You need to roll dice,

and of course people LOVE to have their own dice set...! Now, is everyone going on their own and buying a 7 dice set? or, as a group do you split the cost and buy more than 100 dice? We payed $3 each (7 people) and got 2 complete sets each (and like 20 dice were leftovers)... but do you know there are apps? to roll dice? for Android and Apple... apps... for Laptops or Windows tablets... maybe there is a page out there!

(These are all of the dice that were leftover, from the 100+ dice bag)

Now... Obviously, there are a lot of DoItYourself areas, a lot of cheap selections and a lot of really professional looking stuff out there... What do you think you and your group will be doing?

Anyone out there going for LEGOs?