Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eilleen and the Brief Story of a Stubborn Girl

Faraga's the name, Fargana Hammer........ but everyone calls me Fluffy. As a dwarf, your family gets to give you a name they see fit for you and as a dwarf, your whole clan is your family!!! So Elba Stronghand named me Fargana ........ and the rest of the clan calls me Fluffy... Apparently human babies have fluffy hair, compared to dwarven tougher hair... Oh yes, I am human! A human that got rescued by dwarfs as a baby.... and probably the only human that has ever lived with dwarfs... in like ever!

I have lived most of my life in an underground dwarven city, the Great City of Gora, home of the Canchanchan clan, but living there, the clan's leader didn't felt would bring my life everlasting purpose... After all, weeks before I had lost all of my possessions to a random cute guy I met and though I found love without even knowing what kind of axe he wielded.... Well you all know the axe we wield is the pride we carry.... Oh I have no axe now... he took that too....

I was sent of to live my short human life in full Canchanchan greatness! Go look for an adventure and find treasures, go look for injustice and right the wrongs and go look for a purpose that will glorify my clan and my deeds into the tall tales and night stories we all aim for.

So since I was 15 years old, I roam the world and train to become stronger, aiming to overcome what Moradin and Kord deem me worthy of handling and preparing myself for the turn of fate that will test what kind of hero will I be...


Character Sheet

Race: Human. Class: Fighter. Alginment: Lawful Good. Deities: Moradin and Kord. Organization: Canchanchan Clan. Age: 19. Height: 5'03. Weight: 119 pounds.
(Because my story apparently was too long.... I know! I KNOW! So I made it shorter!)

Personality Traits

 positive, outgoing, loyal, traditional, friendly, stubborn, hot headed, blinded by fury, indifferent towards love, likes to test strength, serious, grumpy and untrusting at first... once you're trusted, she'll never get tired of telling you stories from where she came from and all of her clan...

What these traits mean 'in-game'?

Loyalty is the trait she and a lot of dwarves value the most, specially loyalty in battle. If you fight along side her, you win her trust, even if you are but a stranger in her eyes. If you betray her in battle or don't stand by her side, I don't think she will ever be able to forgive you.
In most cases, when she picks a side she never backs down. She believes in her strength and in her perseverance, so in battles, skill challenges or social encounters, if it becomes a personal matter, she will do things her own way, if she understands it isn't important, she will follow along the group.
If her clan is involved in any way, she will never back down, may the situation arise from ignorance, from anger, from a true fact, from a friend or from a very obvious evil plot that involves setting her a trap.... If you insult her pride (her family, her clan... that is who has formed her, given her strength and given her a reason to live), be sure to face the consequences.

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